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I Forge Iron

My forge, it ant pretty but it works.and well


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me and my knowledgeable neighbor made this to get me started. its a greater plate plasma cut on top of a break drum with 4" pipe to make the Tuyere. a railroad spike weighs the tuyere flap thingy (not sure what to call it right now lol) so air pressure does not escape. the legs are just black gas pipe. and i mixed Georgia red clay and fire place ash to line the inside. a clinker breaker was made with some big washers and a small piece of pipe. its a clever idea my neighbor came up with. ill have to take a pic of that when i go to to clean it out next time. im just using a small shop vac as a bellows for now.



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looks good, a lot better than my first 2 break drum forges. looks nice and portable as well so when you get a bigger shop forge make sure you keep that one. never know when your gunna need a portable forge for demos or something.

is that a clinker breaker or just something to regulate the air?

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Welcome aboard Zaku, glad to have you.

Nice forge, make your neighbor a hand forged something. If you're going to be burning charcoal a clinker breaker is just something else to wear out. However being in Georgia I expect coal is pretty easy to come by and a clinker breaker might come in handy.

It's a good example of a simple functional tool, bells and whistles need not apply.

Well done, next we want pics of your projects.

Frosty The Lucky.

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thanks Frosty i want to make him a knife when i get better at it. as a thank you. and i am using coal now. not charcoal im using the good stuff. so there is more clinker but it lasts a lot longer and i get more heat and there is no popping and cracking and sparks. and im trying to make a piece of Damascus right now. its only five layers but its going alright so far. ill start a new thread and tell about it.


thanks Donnie, and im from Newborn near Covington.

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