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  1. thanks Frosty i want to make him a knife when i get better at it. as a thank you. and i am using coal now. not charcoal im using the good stuff. so there is more clinker but it lasts a lot longer and i get more heat and there is no popping and cracking and sparks. and im trying to make a piece of Damascus right now. its only five layers but its going alright so far. ill start a new thread and tell about it. thanks Donnie, and im from Newborn near Covington.
  2. its a clinker breaker. ill take a picture of it next time i use the forge and am cleaning it. it will be easier than explaining it.
  3. thanks. and its very portable the legs slide out and it fits nicely in the back of my truck. i doubt ill every get rid of this thing.
  4. me and my knowledgeable neighbor made this to get me started. its a greater plate plasma cut on top of a break drum with 4" pipe to make the Tuyere. a railroad spike weighs the tuyere flap thingy (not sure what to call it right now lol) so air pressure does not escape. the legs are just black gas pipe. and i mixed Georgia red clay and fire place ash to line the inside. a clinker breaker was made with some big washers and a small piece of pipe. its a clever idea my neighbor came up with. ill have to take a pic of that when i go to to clean it out next time. im just using a small shop vac as a b
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