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my machinery vise


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My machinery vise. This vise was left behind by a tenat (plumber) who moved out around 1940 so it is at least70 years old. It is unusual in so far that the moving jaw is not guided by the fixed jaw, Instead it slides on a keyed shelf. This means that there is zero lateral play since the harder one closes the jaws, the jarder the jaw is pressed against the shelf. I did not weigh it but it is substantial. The jaws are 5 3/4 inches wide and it opens 5 inches. The sliding jaw also has the advantage of very little friction in the vise since the contact between guiding and guided surface is not under load if the jaws are not closed upon anything. The handle will go three revs before stopping if i give it a shove.


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This particular vise was own by a plumber in the 30-ies. He would never have had any trucks in his shop and the vise is too heavy to move around from site to site and besides it is not the typical plumber's vise. I think he used a piece of pipe to lengthen the handle and that was too much for it. Othervise :D I am sure you are right.


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