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5160 for Chef's knife?


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A Chef's Knife is on my "Things I'd Like To Make" list.  5160 is the only steel I've played with for blades, and I think it would be wise to stick to one steel for a bit.

But I don't see a lot of people using 5160 for this type of knife.

Any reason "not" to use 5160 for a Chef's knife?

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I like high carbon blades for food prep. If you dont mind the staining I say go for it. I have a drawer full of Ontario "Old Hickory" knives in my kitchen. I think they use 1095.  I've never hammered any 5160 down to less than about .190" thick but if you get it thinner I'm sure it would flex. Post some pics when you get it done!

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My favorite chefs knife is 5160, one of the first I made.  It was 1/4 inch stock and I ground it all the way to the top of the blade. It's a slicing beast, holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen with a diamond steel.  It's patina is a lovely gray now.


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