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melting of cast iron

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Dear all,

I am in search of an alloying element which can be moulded as crucible and use for melting the cast iron.

This for making a small moulded components of cast iron. I thought of using a graphite crucible but during melting carbon may be enrinched.

So, now i am planning for moly crucible as moly has higher melting point and even it wont oxidize easily.

So please suggest can i make use moly cruicible for melting cast iron. Does it really works?? If not please suggest some alternatives.


hoping for your asusual support to users. Thanking all of you in advance



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Absolutely not. 

The alternative is to buy a crucible. You risk your life and most of your town or city if you attempt to build a crucible for melting iron. 

If you are in a western nation you can't even legally purchase the materials required anyway. 

If you post your location we may be able to help you but it is highly unlikely. 

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I saw a "Nova" re-run last night were a guy took what looked like a ceramic crucible of some sort, added iron, carbon, sand and a piece of glass, heated it for six hours with a home made bellows and forged a sword from the resultant ingot.

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http://www.anhrefractories.com/ANH-refractories-about  The source of professional information about refractory products.  Although personally I would not attempt  to mess with cast iron in the liquid.  There are ways of constructing a single use crucible that will melt iron and carbon and then allow it to cool to a solid enough form to be broken out with out danger as Ric Furrer did in the nova program.  

In addition It really begs the question: Why worry about the small contribution of carbon to a mixture that already contains a huge amount  of carbon? Graphite crucibles are not Pure Graphite by way.  IF is should be a concern then by all means us Silicon Carbide.



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