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To press up or to press down


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While not complete, I've got my press operational.  It presses up which requires me to lift the work as it closes which seems awkward.  I'm thinking that it would be more comfortable  to rest the work on the lower die while the press closes downward.  To reverse the press would require some fabrication and 2 new hoses.  Any thoughts,suggestions are appreciated.

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My press moves up. You don't have to lift the work let it ride up on the die and just lightly hold  the handle.

Mostly a matter of choice. Pressing up requires less head room. Like you don't need a 10 ft ceiling.

My anvil is set about eye level or a little lower and is very comfortable to work with.

Take care

TJ Smith

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Good Morning,

The only problem that I have seen with a Press that pushes up, you have to protect the hoses from the hot flash/scale that falls down. The option for burning a hose under pressure, In my mind, is not negotiable. You can get "Fire-Sleeve" from Aeroquip, that will help protect the hose, but why create a question!! I have seen some people use sheet metal deflectors, to try to minimize the hazard.

Potatoe, Potahtoe.



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