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That's pretty cool. They had a couple of people from the original in the first episode. I had actually started to design a bot a looooong time ago, still have my old cad files. Might be time to start it now that I have a shop. Just got to get the bank roll part of it figured out, and take a sabbatical from work. ;)

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I had a rough design too lol. 

What did you think about that first fight? Razorback vs Icewave. I thought that was a really good way to start out the new show.

Spoiler alert 






I thought that fight was killer! I was amazed at how fast Icewave's blade could get back up to speed. Dude! The last fight  when Nightmare obliterated that one mini bot in a ball of flames we lost our freakin minds!  It was pretty late, my wife was not happy.

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Nightmare was my favorite the first time around but he's made a few changes since I saw him last. The fireball and shrapnel was pretty exciting. If the rest of the season is anywhere near as good as what that first episode was then we are in for a real treat. I also thought it was pretty cool that the little girl with the lady bug has grown up and is still in it. She might be one to keep an eye on.

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It's a fun show, I'm happy to see it back on the air. (cable?) I'm also really happy to see some better weapon designs, the old bots were pretty un-dangerous. A little tweaking and Icewave's weapon would be much more effective and not throw Icewave around with every hit.

Junkyard wars was fun too but I thought it'd be better if they didn't salt the junkyard. Combine the two and it'd be a winner show, "Junkbot Wars." No salted yard and a couple days to put something together to fight and minimal parameters to build within. For example, episode one: 1 ton max, the arena is crushed cars, 2 days to build and tweak. Different episodes, different parameters and conditions. The build up to season finale are elimination bouts and the finale is mele between elimination winners. Not their bots, the build teams and the grand finale mele might have  more open rules, say 2ton max and a week to build and test. Last bot mobile wins.

No projectile weapons of course but a good distance between contestants and spectators would be a must. How far could a 500hp. V8 throw a broken brush hog blade you think? I'm thinking 1/4 mile to the shielded stands for a start.


Frosty The Lucky.

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