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New Guy from California

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Hello all,  I am totally new to this whole world of blacksmithing.  A friend of mine in Virginia got me thinking about making knives, but being in the Military I really don't have time. but I figured that I would look into it and see where I get.  Any advice on building Knives and stuff is greatly appreciated, like I said I don't have a lot of time but I am sure I will read through the threads on here.  As far as what part of California I am located in Port Hueneme.  thanks for reading

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. One of my favorite fishing beaches was Jalama, just don't wade too far our or the rip will get you.

Bigguns has the right of blades, it's a LOT  more than  just making a shape and sharpening it. Pull up a comfy chair, pack a lunch and something to drink, there's a lot of solid information in the sections of interest whatever it may be.

Frosty The Lucky.

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any project takes time, but honestly a minimum of tools and ofher than tempering immediately after hardening, you can pick up your tools and leave the  project easily enough. Take the time to read all the stickies, then read the knife class, Rick And Steve put a lot of tome in to that, Steve went as far as writing a book (xxxx good from all accounts) that will cober the "explanation" and the "manual" portion, shouldn't take long to find a local smith threw the local blacksmith association willing to help with " "demonstration", as for "application"? Brother, that's on you. A small forge that will handle 4-6" blades is cheap, easy and small, a small anvil, be it a foot of rail, a 20# sledge hammer, or a 4" cube of steel will serve, a 1 1/2- 2#

hammer (lste e and rick cover dressing, but it doesn't hurt to look up the other treads! Ad tongs (i suggest you forge the punch, drift, chisel and rivet header you need to forge tongs, lots of  valuable skills you will learn on the way! Files, hacksaw, small vice wet and dry paper and your on your way. 

Honestly not a big kit,'and if you break it down in steps the time commitment is not bad either. Beats the bar hoping I did my first year wearing a pickle suit. 


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