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Forged Throwing Knife


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Last year I made this throwing knife from a hay mower blade.


I did a quick slideshow/video on it. It throws good enough for me.


Had someone ask if I was going to do a vid on how I forged it. So I decided to try to make another one. Also got me to thinking about the couple of other knives that I have made out of these mower blades( karambit, viking/blacksmith ) I intend to try videos of those too, just for grins. 

So if you have 21 minutes to kill watching a newb hammer hot steel, I got ya covered. 




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This is part 2 the grinding. Not much to it, not near as cool as the forging, but I just wanted to show my whole process.

 IMHO grinding knives is a lot like baseball. Pretty fun when you're out there doing it, but a real snoozer when you're watching someone else do it on tv. No offense to any baseball fans, or knife makers.






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cool idea, I have about a dozen of those blades and have been wondering what to do with them.

Thanks, I have a BUNCH of these things. Should be fun forging for a while.

I think the next one I will do a vid on is a karambit like this one I made a while back, but with a handle and an edge. ;)


Sure wish I could post a link to the heat treat and function test of that throwing knife here, it just does not like it though.


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Ag steel is good stuff, generaly. Disk harrows provide not only disks but 1"+ square stock that is hardenable, spring harows and their "teath" as well as plow points and othe soil "cutting" edges, mower blades are just part of it. 

Ad a tasle and make you "knife" a "dart" it reduces the rang but it takes out the spin so it reduces the "skill" nesisary to use. 

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