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I Forge Iron

First try


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Pretty darned nice for a first try. About all I can suggest is trimming the top a little more. Maybe next time give the billet a twist before cutting and spreading. Exposing the layers is one of the tougher tricks.

The missus is going to LOVE it. Loving whatever we make for them with our own two hands is part of the deal. I think it's in the Mommy gene, a good thing tool <wink>

Frosty The Lucky.

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inconel coinage!? O.o from what planet? :)

GotMitUns: there is a LOT to read on the subject!  Dont drown yourself in the reading material right off the bat.  Get a basic handle on the science and process and then go give it a shot in person.  That way you will have a greater understanding of what the writeups are talking about and will be able to ask more refined questions based on your experience.


you might want to bump up to quarters or half dollars as well, more billet for your buck (shameless, i know) from the larger coinage, so you get more return for your effort.


Next time one of you guys gets to try another cross, try giving it a 90 degree twist (only) that happens where the sawcut overlap exists.  that way the exposed surface pattern will match on all four arms of the cross.  without the twist you will have linear stripes on one pair and a really neat woodgrain on the other pair.


Good luck and dont forget to post pics!

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