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grill section...

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I was over at the forge masters shop for our local blacksmith's group and saw this grill section I did in 2007.  Still pretty cool. I did a historic style shoe, the knife, an anvil, and the dragon heads.   Need to take a dremel in and polish the bits that were shiney...  It will get added to the Rocky forge sign if they ever get around to running another row of sections...




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Thank you all, and it was nice meeting you Jim, wish I could have made the trip up to your shop... Here is the link to the groups website where you can see the finished sign. I forged the big dragon head finials for the uprights, but I didn't get my square finished in time to be added to the initial rows of squares. Hopefully they will do a new round of squares with some of the new members, and they will all get added to the sign. '>

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to just paste it in,,, properly


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