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Welding Cart Project

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My second welding project - getting better at it but plenty of room for improvement! This project was a Welding Cart to keep everything organized - this project is so me (I have a weird need to keep things in order - OCD I guess)! Will finish it with a coat of paint when it isn't 10 degrees out. It keeps my welder and plasma cutter "mobile" and everything I need all in one place. One less idea just banging around in my head now - hopefully it gives you an idea of something similiar you may find helpful.

BTW - it was all scrap yard finds.














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Nice cart Robbie. Well thought out and the construction looks good.


I find having the cables rolled and laid flat tends to collect . . .stuff and tangles. Being able to hang them like a garden hose on the side of the cart works best for me so far. I have an old 12" +/- (scrounged) rim, cut in half welded to the side of mine to hang the cables. It keeps the ground and stinger organized. What works for me doesn't necessarily apply to your unit, I have 25' of ground and 30' of hot with a 15' stinger and all but the stinger is ought. I'm running a gs powered Lincoln ranger 9 gen set. There is a scale difference but some rules of thumb scale nicely.


I have wheel barrow tires and 3" swivel casters under mine and the casters aren't big enough. I think the casters under yours need to be larger or every little pebble will hang them up. Even on a concrete floor unless you sweep in front of it when you move.


Those are just my thoughts, I tweak everything. What you've done looks like it'll work beautifully.


Frosty The Lucky.

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