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Not a fabricated anvil, just a top plate that fits in the hardie hole, and has tabs to keep it from rotating.  The anvil looks Italian or Spanish, lovely little pig type anvil, you can see another one just behind it the first picture... Don't remember where Pascalou is from in Europe ;-)

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It is an adjustable bending rig. You strike between the round bars. In France they also use a floor version, a rectangular frame made from round stock with legs. The rectangle shape gives two different spans. It can also be used for straightening, especially if you don't have any sway in your anvil. 


My version of this tool is a thick plate with the two round bars welded on and a hardy stock welded to the end so that the work is focused in the center of the anvil. 

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France has cotributed more than food to western society, lol.


And you gave them the "royale wid cheese" and "le Big Mac" :P (Pulp Fiction)


Cool tool, loads of potential with that for variations! An idea that's easily transferable to a swage block too...

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