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What's the oldest tool you have that you still use?


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I have a postvise that Frank Turley said was probably pre 1800 and a steeled hammer head I dug out from under a scrap pile in england that's probably is 200+ years old. My earliest hard dated tool is an 1828 William Foster anvil.


I do tend to not let new students use the oldest tools though as they are not as stout as the stuff only 100 years old...

Funny thing my oldest tools are some of the cheapest I have bought.

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i have a 1922 i believe Söderfors, but yesterday i picked up a fuller that seems to me to be hand made and no markings on it but i think it's pretty old

but in the museum here there supposedly is a 900 year old anvil, i'll try to get some pictures of it if i remember to next time im there

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