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New forge with frosty burner

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Hey, our next meeting will be the 24th at my place, looking forward to it.
Built a forge for a friend with my version of the 3/4in frosty burner. My changes were adding a nut to the back of the tee, I didn't think the threaded tee gave enough support, this also allowed me to use the .045 tip without cutting it down. I put a bell on the end by using short sections of 1 in. And 1/14in to form the funnel. Will try to post photos. trim.448F0531-3B0A-417B-962A-562D0F2BF5E6.MOVtrim.448F0531-3B0A-417B-962A-562D0F2BF5E6.MOVpost-39284-0-15261600-1420603083_thumb.j

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Looks pretty good Pat. It's running a little rich but just a tweak from perfection. Reinforcing the point the where the fitting is is a good idea, it's a touchy thing on mine, too easy to bump my jets out of alignment.


Are you going to invite it and it's person to the next meeting?


Frosty the Lucky.

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Hey frosty,
The guy works on Saturdays, so that's always an issue.


I think he attended a meeting quite a while ago, maybe Brian Brazeal's clinic? We talked about gas forges and his working Saturdays. Of course lots of folk work weekends, especially family businesses, I may be thinking of someone else you have lots of friends.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Me too. I like big fire. My gasser was only able to put out 1800 degrees. A day of reading the forum provided me the knowledge of what I did wrong with mine. It was worth 600 degrees.

Mr. Bronze, et al, can ya'll pm me the location of the meet? I'd like to attend.

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Hey all,
The meeting at my place on the 24th, starts about 9:00 am , address 15615 e. Outer Springer loop Palmer Alaska.
Looks like my friend that I built the new forge for will be there. Frosty I am looking forward to learning how to tweak this kind of burner.
The forge is the same as my personal forge, stacked brick type , six brick floor and top 1 brick tall, bricks are 9x4 1/2x2 1/2
This gives me an internal dimension of 405 cubic inches,the thing I like about my forge is the side walls are adjustable so the size is variable if desired. Yes, big fire good.?

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That's excellent Pat, I think we have a demonstration! 405 cu/in is a bit large but it's well within range of turning up the gas psi. Getting it tuned shouldn't be a big deal, it's close now.


I agree, I've always liked a brick pile forge for adjustability and ease of repair. The down side being how quickly fire brick breaks up from thermal shock, especially soft insulating brick. My shop forge is just a 4 burner brick pile with a lid on a jack.


I got tired of hauling my shop forge to Art on Fire, it's just too heavy and takes 3-4 people to load and unload without beating the crap out of it and just riding 4 miles from my place to the Art on Fire site damages it for $30-50 worth. So, last Art on Fire I put a brick pile together. The brick pile is easily understood, my shop forge would probably cost close to $1,000 to have built so nobody wanting to give smithing a try is going to put that much money into a maybe. The brick pile on the other hand costs maybe $50 for brick and another $10-15 for the burner. It takes some for folk to believe the propane hose is the most expensive single item in the set up. Anyhow, the brick pile got a lot of interest and good how to questions.


I'll bring my anvil so we have another station. Anything else?



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