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Is this anvil Appropriate?

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ALL arm & hammer, the brand name, anvils are NOT made of cast iron; they have the arm and hammer punched into the side of the anvil. Now Vulcan anvil that use an arm and hammer logo *are* made of cast iron with a steel face and their logo sticks out from the side.

I have a nice wrought iron/steel faced Arm and Hammer; they were made in Columbus OH as were Trentons. I am not a fan of Vulcans much preferring Fishers to them.

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A big hunk of steel or railroad track would work better.......To get track.......

If you see a crew working on replacing railroad track you can sometimes get them to cut you a 2 foot piece of the old stuff for cheep ($20)to free. Just walk up and ask.......all they can do is say no. Anyway its less they have to haul off later.

They have been replacing the tracks up here for a while and I see them all the time.....

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