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Anvil height, how can you tell if it is the right height

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Yes you are right other solution is to use concrete and lift shop a bit, i don't know i will see what i can do, and yes of course other too is to cut stump a little bit, but i will be moving shop so i don't se reason for that.


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First thing is to find the proper height for the anvil.  Start with the anvil face where the break of the wrist meets the arm.  Put a piece of wood on the anvil face and hit it 3 times with your hammer.  If there is a crescent moon at 12 o'clock the anvil is too low,  it the crescent is at 6 o'clock, the anvil is too high.  You are looking for a round impression where the hammer hits the wood.

If the anvil is too high, stand on a pallet, a 2x4 or other wood to raise the height of the blacksmith.  Hit the wood on the anvil face again until you get the nice round impression.  You may need a pallet and some additional wood, you will have to experiment until you get it right.

Use that height for the anvil face for a while to see if you like it and if it needs small adjustments.

Measure the distance (height) from the bottom of your feet to the face of the anvil.  Write it down so you will have it when needed.

This distance (height) may change as the thickness of the metal you are working with changes.  Thin tin and sheet metal will be different from 2 inch thick stock.  You may be surprised that the same distance (height) can be used for one inch thick stock or less, as you adapt to that small of metal thickness.

Be careful when working on a platform as you are not used to the taller position and moving up and down can create a trip hazard.

Once you have the height you like, you can use that height as a reference for the anvil face for other anvils.  It is always putting you at the correct height for swinging your hammer.

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