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Mulcher Blade Steel

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Hey folks, I have a client who gave me a mulcher blade and asked to have a folded hatchet/hawk made from it. After dressing the piece and getting rid of the bevels for the blade edges, I folded it, stuck a piece of 5160 in it, and welded it... or tried to. I know some steels don't like to forge weld to each other, especially certain carbon steels. I'm not sure what these blades are made of, I tried hardening a little sliver of one and it didn't want to harden, but I may not have brought it up to a critical enough temperature. I can't get some of this mulcher blade to stick to this 5160. Part is welded, part isn't. I've tried welding it 5 times. The metal was cleaned before the first initial weld, too. 

What steels don't like to stick to 5160? If you all encounter this problem, what do you do? 



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Things like mulcher and brush hog blades need to be tough not hard so it's probably a high moly chrome moly. The chrome is it's primary source of hard and abrasion resistance. Chrome oxide is hard to weld and 5160 contains quite a bit of chrome as well to allow the leaves to slide without much wear.


Pick something else for a blade would be my choice.


Frosty The Lucky.

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