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Spring Tine Steel quality differences ? Canadian


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Riteway Harrow spring tine vs Westward Parts (aftermarket) tine

Riteway OEM # 404-0004 bent tine $13.60 ea.

Westward Parts # TIN1-102 bent tine $8.54 ea.

Price difference of $5.06 ea.

160 tines needed for harrow bar full replacement.

Saving`s of $809.60 on full set.

Neither Riteway or Westward Parts will tell me of any Steel quality differences in their tines.

Anyone have any experience with Spring Tine Steel quality differences ?





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you do realize this is a black smithing site?  and that steel is extremly small for most people to be forging on.  As to your question it is not unusual for manufactures to not tell people what raw materials  or processes they use, nor it is uncommmon to change materials as the market price and availibilty changes.

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Welcome aboard Bowwie glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many IFI folk live within visiting distance. I wouldn't recognize your handle under a slightly different spelling from theforge.list from years back would I? Are we old friends?


Frosty The Lucky.

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Best way to find out which is worth the $$ is get some of each install on same machine and see which lasts longer. Low bidders generally get the job so lower levels of steel can follow the lower bid. It is also not uncommon for replacement parts not to last as long as the original.

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Yes, I knew this would be the wrong type of forum for a question like mine, but knew you`all would straighten me out on it ;)

I just found out that `United Spring & MFG. Co.` out of Chicago, IL makes these tines for both `Riteway` and `Westward Parts` (an aftermarket supplier).


Here is their explanation:

When we first began manufacturing the 1-101 & 1-102 Riteway harrows, Westward Parts sent us OEM samples of these tines. We manufactured our United Spring tines with the same dimensions/wire size as the samples using dyes we created to match everything.


We use wire based off of required material listed on John Deere Tine blueprints.


United Spring will warranty these tines (and all other harrows) for 1 year under normal using conditions. We have good warranty policies and will work with our customers to ensure their product works properly in the field. Depending on the amount and circumstance, United Spring may need samples of the defective teeth to determine the cause and reason. If the breakage was due to ineffective material or process on our end, we will warranty the tines under these conditions.


Thank you for your replies concerning the matter.



I`am a farmer just outside of a small town in Manitoba, Canada.

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