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I Forge Iron

Hello from Canada!


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Hi my name is tyler I am 23 and I live in eastern Ontario. This is a new hobbie for me and I am here to learn more about the art!

Basically so far all I've done is forge some aluminum cans using a pretty much free coffee tin forge. I'm planning to sand cast the aluminum ingots into something just for fun.

Budgeting is important for me so it will be a slow process to getting a fully operational shop going, but for now my backyard and concrete slabs will have to suffice! Budget is also why I haven't tried anything besides aluminum cans but it peaked my interest a lot so I am beginning to gather old trash metals(doorknobs, locks, bed frames, old tools, ect.) in hopes that some of it will be useful!

I spend a lot of time throwing my tomahawks and can't wait to make my own!

Looking forward to learning from some experienced guys!


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I think you are confusing forging with melting or foundry work; ingots are cast.

I once built a very nice blacksmithing setup for under US$25 it included forge, blower, anvil and basic tools. I used the forge as my damascus billet welding forge for several years. I am so sorry your budget won't allow for that!

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Thanks for replies!

Steve, thanks I just have the concrete slabs just as a floor basically!

Thomas, I think you are correct! My mistake I am very new I have started reading on this forum and I have a lot to learn! I had no idea it could be set up for so cheap, I look online and see a single tong for double that, but also been reading about making your own tools which is really cool and I will continue to read about!

I make myself sound pretty poor by saying a budget is restricting me when you spent that little ;) thanks again hope to learn more from you in future!

I won't spam questions anytime soon I'm gonna use the resources available


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Good Morning, Eh Tyler 90, Eh


In Ontario, you should be getting in contact with the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association. Check out their web-site.

There are a huge amount of VERY knowledgeable people in OABA.

If you post your location, I think you will be surprised there are members close to you.


Check out CanIRON.ca and book time next July. CanIRON 10, will be in Baddeck, Cape Breton. Baddeck is the home town of Alexander Graham Bell, R&D Facilities. Home of the "Bell Museum" which is a 'GOTTA DO'

Hope to see you on the Cape!!


For those that don't know, CANADA is spelled C, eh, N, eh, D, eh!! :) :)

Keep smiling,



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