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"you're out of your element"...basket case press...need help


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Hello to all.....found hydraulic press on c - list and couldn't pass it up.....only problem is it isn't finished. I received motor coupled to hydraulic pump, a tank, I beam assembly, cylinder and valve. Main unit is almost complete minus dies. I also purchased the James Batson book. Now for the questions....the motor is a 3 phase 7.5 hp and pump is a denison. I am not sure of the model but took pics of all numbers on motor and pump. I am guessing that I need a 15 hp rotary phase converter to run off 220 v power? Also, I am unclear on pump model number.....all help is much appreciated.



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Welcome aboard J guy, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the IFI gang live within visiting distance. Maybe even someone who has or has helped build a hydraulic forging press.


There are a number of electricians on Iforge from wire your house to your factory to the space shuttle level guys. I'm sure someone will pipe up shortly re. your phase converter question.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Visit the Max Carey Blacksmith Guild, every Wed nites ,1800 to 2100, at the Bradley House Museum and ask for John the electrician, or Fred Berg.  Some one there can answer your question.  It is a great group and a free lesson (informal) every week, just ask.

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