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  1. Hello, Sorry if this is wrong place to post. Working on restoring a silver no. 12 advance, not sore how to get top handwheel off. Also, not sure how acme thread works when it free spins in bronze but? Thanks for any help Jeff marsh
  2. Thank you...I will powder it when I get home and see if I can get more of it to show up
  3. Wire wheeled and took new pictures ....I purchased both anvil books....but am still "stumped" so to speak
  4. Finally wire wheeled and am pleased with results !!!
  5. Daswulf......I am ashamed, embarrassed and sad to say that due to the anvils former outside lifestyle. ...it had a bit of flaking/delamination in that area.....and I chased it a bit with a grinder.....I know better now....and from that point toward horn it is still perfectly useable.....but before this site, I did't havery anyone local to ask.
  6. I will try that tonight....thank you for the help!
  7. I really appreciate everyone taking time to respond....It isn't that the maker and date are super critical because I am using and caring for the anvil regardless.....I would just like to have "the rest of the story" to help piece together it's journey. hopefully through more pics, we can conclude that it for sure came from Europe and a rough time frame. Just a great piece of family history that I drove by 10000 times, on a lawn mower while cutting the farm lawn, dreaming about the things built on it and the craftsman/farmers/family that used it.
  8. oops....my bad........the title of thread was supposed to be Mousehole? .......I missed the question mark and am not sure how to fix.
  9. Do you think it is a mousehole then? I will take more pics and add them tonight. But I am guessing it is a mousehole farriers anvil?
  10. Thanks in advance for all help on this.....this is the anvil from my family's now sold 100 plus year old farmstead. I am so proud to have it and thankful that before Grandma passed, she entrusted it to me. I have purchased and received both of Richard Postman's books and have started pouring through them. No family members know of it's origin. It is very important to me to identify it's make, and year. There are no visible marks and I only have one pic on phone, but I will add more when home if needed. My guess on weight would be 125# to 150#. Thanks again!
  11. This is the best sight on web!!!!! Used anvil as soon as I got home to make horse shoe nail hook for Wife's antique window to hang on wall.....couldn't be happier
  12. I 100% agree, I bought it for use, but I love to know the history and story of the tools..... one of those if they could talk things. Older tools make me happy, down in the very tiny, deepest part of my heart that cares about such things
  13. Marcusb.....that was what I was hoping to hear....hopfully when book shows up I can date it....first good antique show score I have ever made!
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