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"Just for Copper" solderless copper welding


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I tried soldering some copper together for the first time tonight and it went horribly. While looking around at different soldering pastes I ran across this thing.


Looks like some kind of chemical bonding agent that doesn't require heat. says it sets in 5 seconds. anyone ever use this? Application is on a habaki wedge insert.





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Size : 50g (For up to 200 welds) for $26 The 2 reviews are a duplicates.


Another bottle says 50g bottle makes up to 40 welds for $34 The 2 reviews, one is good the other is bad for the product.


Makes you wonder which is right or if there is a difference in the two products.

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my first attempt was with lead based solder, big mistake.


bought the 98/2 tin/silver wire with flux paste afterwards. by the 3rd attempt i nailed it. had a little sliver of tin discoloration, will use larger copper wedges in the future to fix. 



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Hi I`m a refrigeration mechanic the best way to weld copper is to braze it with brown tip silver solder(15% silver)no flux required for copper to copper minor cleaning, heat evenly just before red, solder will follow the heat. This can also be used to join copper to brass or steel but for these operation flux and more cleaning up is required.

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