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I've never found an easy way to do this.  If you are working with wood and you have a large handle you might try "burning" the handle in.  I generally try to do a pilot hole and two smaller holes then work them together.  If working with smaller sections a dremmel is great.  Sectioning and stacking makes things go easier but generally should be done for the bolt through style.009-5.jpg

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I use a broach I made from some of Aldo's 1084. It's based broadly on one of Bruce Bump's. I left it full hard. There's a thread on knifedogs where he has some good pictures. I've actually been meaning to modify mine but it works better than anything else (files, chisels, etc.) that I've tried.

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This resembles the sort of tool I use, but when lucky one can find it with a 2,5 to 3mm wide blade, and ripcut teeth.
It can also be ground from a jigsaw blade, preferably a pure ripcut one since a crosscut or universal grind will chatter and washboard, but it will be rather narrow unless you stack two or three side by side.
I guess the proper english name for it would be "a small pull side float".


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