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A blacksmithing primer book and dvd? Which one or both?


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I am looking at the book and dvd call A primer in Blacksmithing by Randy McDaniel. The book is $17.83 and the 6 hour dvd set is $139.95. Anyone used these, are they worth it? Should I get both or just the book or just the dvd? Or there is the Artist Blacksmithing: Techniques in action dvd  from Peter Parkinson that is $34.78

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id start with the book IMO, there are plenty of credible videos on youtube from guys like Aspery, Brazeal and many of the members here that have been quite valuable learning tools for me, and you can watch them on your phone at the forge :) if you find that you need a more indepth explanation or demonstration of the stuff being discussed in the book after having read it two or three times then definitely pick up the DVD's.  If you have not already I would also recommend directing your efforts to getting some actual time with other smiths, be it a classroom or even just linking up with another member here that is nearby.

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I've got the book. Not a bad intro to smithing. I haven't yet seen the video. Supposedly I believe our group has a copy in the library  members can borrow. I'll have to try and check it out at some time. You can also rent the video from Smartflix for $25 or so. They also have other videos on blacksmithing you can rent.




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