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Odd Ebay Blacksmith listings

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Extremely portable anvil...20#

Vintage Stanley hammer...label still attached 

Vintage bench vise...Original paint

Vintage chromed anvil

Vintage blacksmith claw hammer

vintage RR track anvil

Beautiful RR track anvil...painted

Vintage hatchet tool

Vintage clay cooker pot Turkhish made

5" x 8" round bare blacksmith anvil

Ancient Indian Artifact Native American pestle


Saving the best for last....

Rare CPTWISS Oregon pioneer Earl Forged cast iron unique blacksmith tongs tool


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Remember the guy on ebay selling HF cast iron anvils as professional grade steel anvils?


For some reason people seem to believe that if they don't know stuff about what they are selling that they then can say *anything* they like about it.  I remember having a dialog with one seller who was saying that "how can they be expected to know what they are selling"  and when I suggested basic research told me they were house bound and couldn't go to the library---all this on the internet BTW...They never seemed to get the idea that telling folks false information about their products was wrong (and in fact illegal...)

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Just this week a CL ad for "large anvil", there were poor pictures of a nice looking anvil with no frame of reference as to the size.
I asked the seller for more info, he said it has to be 300-400 pounds. Of course this had my attention, but I know people have an optimistic guesstimate of anvils when they don't know anything about them.

I went and looked at a very nice anvil. It was a 120 pound HB and asking a stratopheric price....

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Folks used to the little 9# cast iron nail straighteners think that any anvil over 30# is *huge*; back when I used to go to auctions hunting a large anvil I got so tired of driving out to find the "large anvil" was under 100# that I worked out a system: I would call the auctioneer and ask how many people it took to move it: 1 "light anvil", 2 100-150#, a laugh and a we used a forklift/tractor/backhoe/... "I'll be there". Never bought a large anvil that way; got mine using the TPAAAT, *much* cheaper!

As for prices where folks extoll an anvils age, or collectable status I generally write it off as a bad deal from the start.

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Saw this one yesterday, seemed kinda funny to me:


"vtg tool miniature railroad spike hammer sales sample / blacksmith hole puncher"



Just kinda throwing anything in there to get views I guess, asking 199.99,  unless I'm missing something I just don't see it.

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