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Tomahawk Forging Class

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Here are some photos from a class I took this weekend at John C. Campbell. It was the tomahawk and ax forging class with Ryan Johnson. Awesome people, awesome place, and awesome instructors. I came out of it with three folded hawks. Learned how to pour a pewter cap. Had a lot of help from my friend Will McAllister from Bray Oaks Forge in TN on the cap and the filings for the head and handle. JCC is an impressive place. Can't wait to go back. Thanks for looking! 









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Hey everyone, thanks for the responses. We used 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 10 inches long. The bits were all truck spring. I can't remember what steel that is, forgive me, as I should know that by now. Elmer Roush was also there, along with Jack Stottlemire of Rustick Knives. Both were awesome dudes. 

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I am envious.  of the class and the work.  wasn't the food great? (if you ate in in the hall, that is.  I didn't lose any weight when I was there a few months ago.)  

looking forward to more of your work


The food was awesome! I was introduced to grits... and fell in love with grits! But on a more serious note, everything there was awesome. I learned quickly, don't eat at the table with the other blacksmiths or you won't get much food! lol


looks like a great class.  had you done forge welding before this?  or was it taught in the class?


I had forge welded before, but not with a lot of success. A few solid welds here and there. The class really helped my ability to forge weld and correct some things that I was really doing wrong. 

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Another great class is Jack Wheeler's 'Hammer Useful Heirlooms' class.  It will be coming up the first week in February.  He has some great ideas for projects in addition to helping you make ideas of your own including tomahawks.



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Here is my first completed tomahawk. Forged the head out along with some other work in progress heads at Ryan Johnson's tomahawk class at JC Campbell. It was a lot of fun! Felt like I was taking an eating class with all the great good.


<script type="text/javascript"> // ![cdata[>The food there is excellent.  and they force you to socialize because you have to sit with a group and pass the food around family style.  Great experience. 

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Hey all

i just finished Ryan Johnson's weekend tomahawk class at the JCC folk stool.  It was great. I just wish it was a week instead of a weekend.  He demoed several folded and several slit/drift tomahawks.  Makes it look easy.  As usual I came home wanting a new gas forge, power hammer, misc new tools, belt grinder, etc.  gotta prioritize!

his co-instructor John Hickman was also excellent and made some sweet lightweight Hawks with handles fitted.  

If you don't know Ryan check out RMJ Tactical and CRKT.

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