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Scrap yard find

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I have a local scrap yard that let's a few of us pick thru for treasures. Usually just find small lots of decent metal but occasionally something cools shows up. I found this little dude yesterday, someone wasn't very nice to it tho.



After I cleaned it up I couldn't see any maker's marks but the base has all the characteristics of a Hay Budden.



The rebound and ring are excellent so I need to decide if I want to give it to Rob Gunter for a resurface lob or keep it as it is. It weights 38.6 lbs and set me back $8.50.

Here's a few more pics-




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It "looks" like it has a riser mark on the second photo, indicating the body of the anvil was cast, not forged.  That would rule out it being a HB.  The chipping on the top looks like a well worn and abused FISHER, but usually there are some Maker's marks on it.  Although I have some FISHER anvils with nothing on them.  All of this is my opinion of what I can see from the photos.

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I don't see any handling holes from forging, but maybe they didn't need them for something this small?
Could this be cast steel? Cast steel anvils can ring...
Is there something cast in the 4th picture (horn facing right), looks like something on top of the foot nearest the camera under the heel?

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After looking more closely at the anvil following Josh's comments I think it is a cast iron base/steel topped anvil. What threw me as the gracefulness of the lines as compared to my other Fisher anvils. Here is my 26lb Fisher



and here is the scrap yard anvil



Another thing I noticed is there is a fairly distinct line on the horn where it looks like a tool steel insert was incorporated in the casting. 



So its not really possible to say who made the anvil but maybe its a Fisher?

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Kohlswa anvils have the "Peter Wright stye" ledges on the feet don't they? 


It almost looks like it has those ledges but the general shape of it looks very much like a fisher/ vulcan. 


Total bargain either way. Id be inclined to get the little guy restored to be honest. 


All the best 


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Looks an awful lot like a vulcan to me. Google 40lb vulcan anvil and you'll see.

Hmm I dunno, kinda like the difference between a Suburbanpost-25611-0-11620400-1405385902_thumb.j and a Yugo.med_gallery_12739_4_571436.jpg



It does however have a steel bick so its a Fisher for sure.

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