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Hay-Budden date and info

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New Find.  While everyone else was out searching in the garage, I found this as a coffee table base in the TV room.  Hay-Budden, Brooklyn, NY,  122 lbs, 03 on the side.  Serial number is difficult.  199038 or perhaps, 199098.  Really hard to guess and even a charcoal tracing gets me no closer.  Paid $190 which I'm told is under current value, but I'm interested in your opinion.  Expect to put it to use.  No more TV table!    Like to know date (1920's?)




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I have to say I'm encouraged. First, replies here.  Second, many "YouTube" videos show anvils.  And while the one I have is small by many of their displays, the rebound of this new find is superior when compared what I see there (and the anvils I know about).. I'm not sure if "ring"  is a indicator if an anvil is good, but if it is, this one is good+.  Edges are clean and undinged.   1912 is earlier than I thought and I have to say, the previous owner must have found the anvil unused.  1912 is at least two generations of no use which for an anvil has to be unusual. Thanks for the responses, but I would like to know the reference that identifies the serial number and date of manufacture.

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