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ASO or usable?

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My two bits: looks very cast iron ASO to me. That said, I made enough money to buy a real anvil, tooling and a bunch of other stuff using a cast iron ASO, 2 lb sledge, and an oxy/acetylene rig.

I was given the ASO so it didn't cost me anything. Not sure if I would spend $150 on something I was pretty sure was junk. 

I used what I had available, until something better came along.



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There are bound to be far better anvils in the Philly area.  Rather than risk getting a lemon, shop around the scrap yards for any large chunk of iron.  Heck. a 20lb sledge would be just as good as that thing, and a whole lot cheaper than it, too.

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Overpriced by about $149. You can see the dents in the face in the second photo. 


And no, it is not worth bolting a face plate on to it, or building it up with welding rod, it is the wrong grade of cast iron to begin with.


Seriously, I put the folks who continue to put this kind of junk on the market to pick the pockets of the un-informed on the level of Internet scammers.

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