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First knife from an old file


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Here are a few pics of the first knife I made, using an old file. I forged it into shape rather than trying to cut it.

The handle did not turn out the way I wanted as I cut the thin rod I wrapped it with much too short. The intention was to have a tightly wrapped tang, with a rudimentary snake head or something similar at the end of the rod.

post-54368-0-15130900-1400919781_thumb.j  post-54368-0-58728300-1400919816_thumb.j  post-54368-0-35700900-1400919850_thumb.j  post-54368-0-65546200-1400919886_thumb.j  post-54368-0-41517500-1400919927_thumb.j

Bonus pic: rubixs twist using a mild steel bar

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Very interesting.

How comfortable is it to use?

And welcome :)

Quite comfortable in my opinion. It may not be to some people's liking, but I found having the majority of the weight in the handle quite nice

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I just got around 35 old files of an auction website for about $20, so once I get my new forge up  and running (the stuff above was made at someone elses shop) there will be many more sharp things on the way. I'm using a very large ammo tin for the forge shell, lined with kaowool and fired with 2 ron reil type burners

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Interesting. If you get the method down, you could maybe try smaller round stock, maybe copper wire as well?...

Your rubix came out good, :)

Btw, welcome, and I look forward to your future posts.

I've got some experiments in wire wrapping planned. I've got hold of some brass wire for highlights in the hilt or something along those lines. I may also have a go at inlaying simple designs into the blade with said brass wire

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Just a thought, I would forge the handle out first, rap it then forge the blade.  In your pic of the progress note that the blade is bright orange.  If you were to break that blade you'd likely find large grain growth.  If you reverse your process and follow good forge theory you will minimize the grain growth and make a much better blade.  ;)

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