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Katrina Victims update


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Lurch and family has moved in with JoeR to ride out the storm.

Garey Ford was on line Sunday evening and ok at that point.

Ten-Hammers We fine here. Storm went up through Tennesee and over to the east.

If you hear of the rest of the blacksmiths, family, etc in that mess, please post their updates for the rest of us.

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Tom Walker (Lurch) and his family
are here at my house (Joe-Rolfe). They are fine, but the stress is rough, not knowing what they will find at home. I think they will probably leave in the morning.

Where I am in Northeastern Louisiana, we got little more than a breeze and almost no rain.

Leah was heard from tonight, but made no comment about the hurricane.

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During an emergency, communications are dependant on the area affected, and extent of damage. Word may not get out for several days, or in the case of Katrina even longer. This hurricane has devistated the Gulf states, but has also impacted the Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, and New England.

Using Leah as an example, we know she is in Louisiana but don't remember which part, and therefore we are concerned. When she joined us for the Blueprint reading, no mention was made of weather, but we know she was ok. When she saw this section and posted

Leah - "I am in Northeast Louisiana near Joe R. We did not get any bad weather here"
we then KNEW her situation and her name was added to the "safe" side of the list. Joe R's name was moved to the safe side also.

Katrina went up the middle of the country then turned toward New England and out to sea. That is a lot of smiths that could have damage, or have no damage at all. Lets try this a different way and see how it works. As you check this thread, post your name and state so we can move your name from the "concerned" side to the "safe" side of the list.

rain and some wind. No damage.

Rich-Hale Az
My niece lives about 60 miles from Garey towards Jackson. She called today they had wind blow a tree over. No power or water but she is fine.

sfDuck Canada
Guess I'm a lucky one all we got was a day and night of rain in southern Ontario

Bomlin Fla
I'm in Tampa, Katrina crossed off the southern tip and missed me. Most I got was a week of off and on rain.

Tom-Stovall Tx
All my bunch in NO got out in time, but they ain't going to have much to go back to.

bbb Tx
Austin tx, and no problems here

RBrown SC
We got a little rain but not any more than we have been having

Tom Walker
We got word today that even though they were just a few miles- less than 10 from the eye- and less than ten from the beach, a neighbor says that neither the house nor Toms home shop sustained ANY damage! Still don't know about Toms Place of business

No nothing this far north and I'm on the west side of the storm. A brother is here in Dallas till the water goes down.
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Buddy Leonard La
I talked to Tom Walker's son at Bayou Joe's a few minutes ago. He said Buddy Leonard was OK, but they had not heard anything about Garey Ford yet. by Jim-C

This report is now being questioned by JoeR (Bayou Joe). This miscommunication happens and we report both sides till there is confirmation one way or another.

Till then I have posted it separately.

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I want to emphasize that I was just digging around looking for news on Moss Point when I came across this photo. I don't know Garey well enough to know for sure. Someone who does know him, please post a reply...


Follow the link under Galleries for Moss Point. Go to slide number 4. There is a disaster services vehicle in the photo. I'm looking at the guy in blue. I can't tell enough from the photo to compare to what's on the slacktub gallery.

I apologize for raising hopes if this is not him.

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That feller at the truck is NOT Garey Ford !!

From an email.
Email suggested that Garey would be INSIDE the truck handing out provisions, not waiting in a line waiting to receive.

Bomlin, Thanks for assisting in the search for information about Garey, you were close but it would seem there are no cigars this time.

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This from Joe-Rolfe...

General Information. Tom Walker (Lurch) his wife Jessica, and children Laramie and Jarrod - just left my place headed back home. They are well stocked and provisioned and know they have a home to move into and equipment to work with. They will call me as soon as possible and will try to get in touch with Garey, Charv, And Jack Frost. and give us a report.

Buddy Lenards town was hit very badly. I hope he left. No word from him, or from Cap (Rob Whitehurst) They are too far from Tom for him to check on them. The bridges are gone between them anyway. I will post anything I learn.

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Bryan just got hold of Garey Ford by phone. He and his family is OK
Jack Frost is OK and with Garey
Garey has not heard from Charv.

Garey lost the tin from the shop roof and trees are down everywhere. He counted 32 tornadoes that pass over his place during the storm.

Garey is down to about his last gallon of gas for his generator, though.

Garey's place seems to be the neighborhood gathering place. He has the generator and a well. Folks can get water at his place when they hear the generator running!

Bryan, thank you for continuing to try to reach Garey by phone till you made contact. We appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.

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Report from Tom Walker - Lurch

Tom and Family made it home OK yesterday. He got a call out to me this morning. He said it is "1000 times worse than it looks on TV" Not a tree with a leaf on it. Waveland, Moss Point, and other areas we wondered why we could not get any news from, the storm Surge was 30 feet high when it hit there.

Tom had little or no damage - "everything is fine" even though they were less than ten miles from the eye, and from the beach. He has heard it will be from 3 to six weeks before they have power again. They may return to my house. All pets except the fish in the aquarium were ok.

Thanks to Joe Rolfe for passing this along.

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Sunday morning about 10 AM from a post by joe rolfe.

Just got a call from Garey Ford. He is doing fine. His power and his phone are restored. Lost a few shingles and tore up his shop "pretty bad". He ran a generator/welder to operate a pump in a 400 foot deep well. Ran a hose to the street so the neighbors could get water and showers. He kept refrigeration and his icemaker never quit working. When he ran out of gas he scrounged through the lawn mowers and unused cars, and the neighbors brought more too.

The Wall Mart has opened back up and he was able to buy fresh milk this morning. Gas is still scarce and tankers travel with four escorts. There has been some looting but "everyone is toting guns". He and Jack Frost and Norma Jean sat out on the porch and watched the storm.

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I just got off the phone with Buddy Leonard. He and Betty are OK. They rode out the storm at their daughter's house about 20 miles west of Covington. He has a lot of trees down and it may be up to a month until he can go home. He has no damage to his shop and only a tiny bit to the roof of his house. He took a generator with him when he left but they now have power and well water at his daughter's. Two more members of the Gulf Coast Blacksmith's Association Charlie and Evelyn Trapani, are also doing OK.

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My youngest daughters Mother in Law was heard from today, She lived in Franklinton, just north of Buddy Leanord. She lost the barn and the structure of the house is still there but lots of damage to it.

They traveled by Caravan to Baton Rouge for protection against people who would rob and try to kill them for their valuables and the gas in their cars like they did to some travelers.

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I happened to do a search on Charv's real name of Curt Harville and found this article.


He is mentioned about 2/3 of the way down the article. I called his family's place and got to talk to him. He and family is doing fine. As far as he knows, his house is still standing but they haven't been back to do a real survey of it.


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It is so amazing the power of the internet that was a good bit of detective work I am so glad that all of you safe no doubt there will be some terrible stories that come from this awful dissaster later on, but at least the blacksmiths have the right qualifications to help their local communities help get things back to normal

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Talked to Tom Walker this evening. Things are going OK, but they are uncertain about the future. They are hearing rumors of serious health problems - including quarrantines. I hope it is just a rumor. I have been looking for information - but have not found anything. If any of you learn anything about this - I could use somthing authoritative to report to Tom.

by Joe-Rolfe

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