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Katrina Victims update


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IForgeIron is concerned about those blacksmiths living in the Gulf Coast of the United States that have been impacted by hurricane Katrina. We know several blacksmiths in that area, we talk to them on the internet, have met some face to face, and know them as much more than friends, we think of them as family.

Joe Rolfe is a blacksmith in notheren Louisiana. His location is close to, but not in the hurricane affected area. As the banks in the hurricane affected area may or may not even exist, and the mail service may not get through for many days or weeks, I ask if he would assist in helping these folks. He said that he would be glad to help.

Joe Rolfe will act as a gathering point and will start receiving donations in the form of money orders and cashiers checks that are made out to him, that way he has no porblems with cashing checks, or waiting on money to be released by the bank. Once the money is received, he will distribute the money to Garey Ford, Buddy Leonard, Tom Walker (Lurch), Jack Frost, Cap (Rob Whitehurst), and Charv (Curt Harville), all blacksmiths, all names we know, and all affected by the hurricane. They, Garey Ford, Buddy Leonard, Tom Walker (Lurch), Jack Frost, Cap (Rob Whitehurst), and Charv (Curt Harville), may then use the money as they see fit.

Many folks do not contribute to fund raisers, or telethons, or national charities, as the bureacracy eats a portion (sometimes a small portion, and sometimes a larger portion) of the money collected. Your donation in this case goes straight to Joe Rolfe, a blacksmith we know, who will distributed the funds to other blacksmiths that we know. Joe wants no money for his assistance in this project.

IForgeIron is NOT asking for donations, and will not accept any donations for this project. We are just presenting a way to get your donation directly to a blacksmith you know and talk to on the internet, who will distribute that donation to blacksmiths you know and talk to on the internet, that have been affected by this hurricane.

Donations will be collected between now and October 31, 2005.

Send money orders or cashiers checks to

Joe Rolfe
PO Box 146
Oak Ridge, Louisiana 71264

Donations web page

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