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First Hammer


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Our local state ABANA chapter was about making hammers with lots of workers and production.  We had four forges and 6 anvils going.  more than 10 hammers were started, if not completed.  I forgot to get the specs on the steel, but know it's an oil quench high carbon. I was obnoxious with the other smiths and demo'ers about not wanting help, explaining that I didn't have the help at my own shop, so's I didn't want to spoil myself.  I need to do the final heat treat, clean, polish and epoxy to the handle. 

I was trying to get a rounding hammer style, but didn't do a bunch of fullering at the heads. It was all done by hand.  I pre-drilled my hole with a 3/16 bit to keep it straightish.  Mind you, I have never done this before and wanted to learn with guidance.









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I heated to above non magnetic and held it there for about 5 minutes, by turning down the heat, then quenched it in veggie oil.  when it was grippable with gloves, I quickly sanded the faces and along the sides then placed it on a drift heated to orange.  I had two drifts and cycled them in the forge as they cooled.  following some descriptions I found in the heat treating section in this forum, I brought the faces to a dark straw then quenched them (just the faces) in water, and kept this pattern or heating and quenching until the area around the hole was to a bright dark blue.  I then quenched the whole thing to cool, mounted it on a handle and used it for 4 hours with no ill effects other than to the metal I was hitting.

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