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Home made solid fuel forge

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Heeey everybody,


after a little break am back with an new project. This time its an homemade solid fuel forge. Made from scrap, welded with mma rutile, painted on black matte. I´ve finished it after 2 days of hard work :). Board is made from cast iron (before used as board on old furnace.


size:  lenght - 80cm

         width - 51cm

         height - 88cm


weight - 60 kg.


fireplace is replaced with drum brake from skoda 120 :-3 


i hope u enjoy it.


Viktor :) 






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Open the hole in the forge table and let the brake drum catch on the rim. This will allow you to have a deeper fire (larger fire ball). You can then stack more fuel on the top of the fire and get a better type heat on the metal. You need the fuel on top to insulate and hold the heat over the metal you are working.


On my brake drum I found that it worked better if I made a 1 to 1-1/4 inch ring to fit inside the grove on my drum and then put the table on top of the ring. You may have to put a couple of straps on your forge to hold the drum and ring in place.  For my forge this put the sweet spot of the fire about level with the top of the table. It was easy to rake coke into the hole and brake drum that was below table level and to add fuel to the top of the fire so it heated the metal better.


Play with your set up and find out what works best for you. Lay some fire brick around the drum to see if having it level with the table will work better.Then lay another course of brick up over the height of the drum and build a couple of fires.


Please keep us posted of how your forge works for you.  

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i know about that option ( take drum under the forge table) is better, but i cant cut this table. am looking for an table which i can cut. btw this hole in the middle is much smaller than drum, so theres not any other option how to set it :-/ in future ill rebuild it bit  but i have huge problem to find an solid iron table.

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