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Show Me Your Hand Crank Blowers


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As the title states, show me you hand crank blowers.


I would mostly like to see the stand you have made for them since I am going to have to make a stand for myself soon.


Please take careful pics of the stands as well.


I have to show a Model 99 CanadianBlower and Forge Co blower, and a Buffalo 98 blower I fixed up and repainted.










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Not sure about the Buffalo, but the Canadian I believe has a cast iron "arm" attached to the side flange of the hearth. It is not a stand. It has two opposing lengthwise "clams" at the blower holding end. The circular portion at the bottom of the blower slides into the clam holder and gets squeezed with a bolt.

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Mine isn't nearly as pretty as yours. I made mine out of a floor drying fan with a motor that didn't work. So I threw on my own "hand crank" :)

 I just commented on your fan in the show me your shop thread. I think thats a great idea. I have passed on some old squirrel cage fans I surely would have gotten if I had seen this.

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Thanks Eddie! Yeah I lucked out with that find, but I'm sure you can find a busted one or something similar. My initial plan was to weld fan blades onto a bicycle rim and fabricate a shell for it, but then the floor drying fan came along and I went with that!

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Found this old blower in the back of a garage sale. Stand was made of a rond plate, a pipe and what looked like a U strap with holes in it strategic bolts thru the holes and what looked like fire hose scraps or riggers webbing filling in the gaps between the blower body and the U strap. post-182-0-72458100-1395977101_thumb.jpg

Donated to a CBA auction event after I'd found THIS one




along with the vise and a forge table. Tiger blower, nice in that it doesn't leak oil (or ATF in this case). The legs pivot in their housings so they can be turned a bit so the blower fits closer to the wall.


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