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Funding, what sells?

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Anything that looks good in a double wide and costs $20 or less.  Bill Epps


Soo true Glenn, I hadn't heard that one. I live far too sheltered a life.


I find items that will fit in a pocket or purse under $20.00 sell well. Basically decide what you do well in that size range, price it around $19.95 and see how they move. By size, things like leaf finial coat hooks, bottle openers, horse shoe, hoof picks, barn hooks, etc. If the average person can recognize what it's made from, horse shoe, RR spike, etc. it lets them see the transformation and they'll like it WAY more. This is why RR spike "knives" are so popular even though they make poor knives.


Oh yeah, post the pics and tell us how they sell.


Frosty The Lucky.

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There have been several threads discussing similar ideas so you might want to check them out.  I wish you luck - make sure you check with whoever runs the festival.  Some have table fees.  Some have a commission that decides who gets invited and so on.  It might be a process that you'd need to start well in advance of the festival.

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