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My son (12 yrs) and me roughed out some knives today using files. We we're suppose to be making cabinet handles for our new kitchen but got sidetracked a little bit!

I think this might be my first post, so to introduce myself, I have been a hobby blacksmith for about four yrs now in western PA. Make knives and hawks occasionally but not much, mostly just tinker with this and that. Campfire tools, bottle openers, hooks, rings, gardening tools, etc.




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Wonderful experience for both of you. I do not see that as correct anvil height,,,I think he needs a bit higher. Look at the tongs...close to parrelel with the ground and the work is a few inches above the anvil. If the shop floor is dirt,,easy fix. As it is he will have to bend knees and squat a bit when he strikes.

I keep keep my larger anvil low so I have to do that very thing. But I do not do small forging on it. I get a bit more power into a strike if I drop a bit.

You may get other thougths from other smiths.

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Welcome aboard Cody, glad to have you. Eleven is a great age to start learning a manual craft, he's going to be worlds ahead of the kids playing online games. He'll not only have a marketable skill, he'll know how to work. Better yet, he'll  have good safety skills and the equipment.


Good on ya both!


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the responses.
Rich, I agree, the anvil is a little low. I set that stump for him a year ago and he has grown like a weed since. Need to kick some gravel under it.

He is definitely of the video game era but not as bad the last year, he and myself have been active in the scouts since he was a tiger cubscout. We have a very active troop in boy scouts with an outing once a month so that helps.

Just had the first two scouts earn their metalworking merit badge at my shop. The projects they completed were center punches, roasting forks and a shepards type hook for hanging lanterns. Got three more lined up to start soon.

When we finish the knives I will post a pic, but not sure how soon as it takes me a while once the fun part (forging) is over. All the scouts ask if they can make knives, obviously, but I tell them there are lots of other useful items that are quicker and fun to make. Now if one shows determination, I suppose I could be talked into it but not for the merit badge.


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