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Peter Wright found in Alaksa

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Well I found me a Peter Wright.  55-57 lbs by the bathroom scale.  No idea what year it was made.  Paid $200 and figured it was a deal.  Anvils are rare as hens teeth up here.  It will make a dandy light use, small item anvil and I plan to use it well.  Some one did some grinding on it, but I think the plate is intact.  I bounced a ball peen hammer around on the face and it bounced really nicely for a small anvil.  The edges are also in pretty good shape.  I'm pleased as punch.







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Looks like it's in great shape, and less than $4/lb sounds pretty darn good considering your location!


I have a small anvil like that and keep thinking about making it the anvil for a power hammer.  With the hardy hole, I could make a bunch of bottom dies that flip out of the way so you can flatten on the face.  Might not be the most efficient hammer base, but it would certainly do for my needs.

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