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sparky scorpions


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Those are cute li'l buggers. (pun intended :D ) But, you didn't spray paint them silver did you?? :(  It would be neat to leave them "au naturale" including spark plug label and such. Just my 2¢



Heck, no. Save us from the silver spray paint! They are just fresh out of the sandblaster. I usually give them a coat of lacquer to stop them rusting. These are aviation spark plugs and don't have a label, other than the make stamped in the metal. I have used standard spark plugs too, but there's not much to weld (or braze) to on the terminal end. The porcelain section looks good though and I like the ones with Champion written on them.

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I like scorpions. Here's another I made yesterday. Nippers are halves of a motor armature, spark plug front legs, batten screw legs, body is an old socket wrench and tail is half a big bearing race. The bearings still roll. Sting is the handle end of a wiltshire triangular file.



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these are very cool, but I hate seeing old working tools getting used for art. I mean if its too rusted or shot to use I understand. but alot of guys take wrenches that survived world wars and depression only to be made useless for fun. I did notice your wrench ends for the claws looked like china stock. More to ya for that haha


Yeah, I know what you mean. On occasions I have been called a 'tool vandal'! I remember one guy complaining that I used a perfectly good 3/4 Whitworth spanner in one of my creations. Well, he only saw one end of it because the other end had been broken off.

I have a collection of nice old tools I have come across and they are displayed on a 'not to be used' wall. The other wall contains masses of broken spanners, seized up pliers, blown out sockets and worn out tools of all kinds. Hundreds of worn out files and rasps, chipped axe heads, worn machinery bits - anything useful. A lot of my stuff comes from the dump, garage sales, charity shops (I got a nice 3lb crosspien hammer there, which I use all the time) and scrapyards.

So,Jimmy, I do have an appreciation of good old vintage tools and do not use anything that could be considered worthwhile. And yes, the 50 cent drop forged, heavy duty (?) Chinese made rubbish spanners in the discount stores are fair game for scorpion nippers!!

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I'm getting to be a huge fan of yours. I'm thinking we could start a cheering section.


Frosty The Lucky.


I even found a lousy rhyme:


Loosing tool is hard

Maintaining tool is hard

Remaining overtooled is hard



Allright its a paraphrase form here:



I'm sorry  :D



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