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Hi there.
I thought I'd post something I made for my workshop a while back, which has proved to be an extremely handy addition. I don't have a lot of room in my shed, and was having trouble mounting 2 bench grinders. Simply can't fit them side-by-side, and originally made a trundle bench with them back-to-back. It always seemed to be the one at the back I wanted to use which really started to wick me off, so I designed to following setup.
The guts of it is the "L" shaped bed which pivots through 90* back and forwards, and has a positive lock at each extreme using a cam handle. The pivot is a 1" shaft running in brass bushings, very solid with no play. Quite straight fwd to use, by grasping the bed with one hand, unlatch the handles and tilt either way to expose the applicable grinder, then relock. It has no tendency to vibrate loose, really quite solid. The only trick was to cable tie the leads to stop them getting pinched. At present there is no assisted lift, but I guess as I get older I might install springs, gas strut or counterweight!:rolleyes:
In that space at the bottom between the legs I have fitted a large metal drawer to stash buffer wheels and belts, rouge etc.

Hope you enjoy the pics, which are of the down & locked position, the halfway and the fully up.





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