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Forged Chain Swivels

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I am looking for a procedure guide on forging chain swivels. The store bought models are cheap enough but they don't have the hand forged look and feel.  My intended use for the swivels is on plant hangers. Spring is the next season and plant hangers are in demand. I was thinking 3/8 in to 1/2 in chain sizing would be appropriate. Any references ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.



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If you look at the downloads section, Andrew has uploaded some blacksmithing manuals, that I know have the information you are looking for. The first piece, is a shouldered eye, the second piece, is a punched plate with wings, after riveting the end of the eye, into the plate, the wings are drawn to gather and forge welded to form the second eye. Clear as mud.

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Good Morning,


Forge a pin on one eye (like a chain link with a pin). Use a piece of flat bar, punch a hole in the middle slightly larger than the size of the pin. Draw out both ends to the round shape of a chain link. Put the pin part into the flat bar hole and swage the head of the pin, allowing the flat bar to still move on the pin. Bring the two ends around in the shape of a chain link and forge weld. Done. Use your touch mark!! :) :)



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