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January 18th. 2014 meeting

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Hey guys: Our first meeting of 2014 is January 18th. at Pat Garley's. As usual we'll get rolling around 9:00am and do club business when somebody pesters me enough to call it to order.


If you haven't been to Pat's and need directions give me a shout and I'll post directions. His studio, "Arctic Fires Bronze," is in Palmer on springer loop.


See you there. And remember, if you don't show we just might elect you to office, that's how I ended up president you know.


Frosty The Lucky.

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You know with a site like this we could all just decide to have the meeting early and freak Jim out this Saturday at 9 am by all showing up...

Frosty, I didn't see Vince, we have a celebrity now?  what did he donate? 


That'd be fun Tristan but it might open any of us up for a surprise meeting. Oh I forgot to tell you you WON the election! Congratulations!


I believe Vince is now a TV celebrity. He can be our official front guy. I don't know what he's donated, Maybe Mark does.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Wait wait no surprises, the wife hasn't finished dusting & washing the windows in the shop! Plus she still needs to organize my tools & put that second coat wax on the floor. So I can impress Vince of course since he is a TV star now. I was in the other room & heard his voice on tv. Thankfully I could back it up & watch him over & over & over again.
Maybe he will sign our hammers or our t-shirts at the next meeting.

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