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AACB Blacksmith Conference, May 16-17, 2014, Murfreesboro TN

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The AACB will be hosting their blacksmithing conference in Murfreesboro Tennessee, May 16th & 17th, 2014. 
Attached is their four page pamphlet on the conference that lists all the demonstrators. 
Brian Brazeal and Elmer Roush are the main demonstrators. Many, if not all of you have heard of or seen Brian Brazeal demonstrate. If you haven't, that's a good enough reason to go to the conference. If you have seen him, then you know it's worth the trip to see him again. 
Elmer Roush's name might not be as well circulated as Brian's but he is absolutely amazing to watch work. He specializes in ancient repro's and his stuff is just incredible, plus he's a great guy to talk to. 
(Note: I don't have any info on the conference myself and am just passing on the info on what appears to be an interesting conference that I am considering attending.)


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ANDREW, thanks for the kind words about the AACB Blacksmith Conference. The Conference Chairman, Clint Busbee (BUZZ), has put together an outstanding group of demonstrators. Some AACB members will be doing short demonstrations as well: Dave Smucker, Mike Rose, John Willams, Gary Bowman, Jason Bivens , Broadus Weatherall, and Lonnie Farmer. The number of vendors is growing at a fast pace - Buzz is known for his rapport with all the vendors and tailgaters. The venue for the conference is Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village In downtown Murfreesboro TN, about three blocks from the city square and about 25 mi. southeast of Nashville.  Lots of good food and great shopping for the wives! Go online and check out the website - you can register with PayPal or credit card. It'll be a great weekend of fun!!

Hope to see you there.         



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Hello folks.

  I don't post a lot but I really appreciate all who make up this great group especially Glen and the folks who make it a class act. I wanted to make sure folks in and around Middle Tennessee were aware of our upcoming Conference May 16 -17 in Murfreesboro, Tn.

 Our featured demonstrators are Brian Brazeal and Elmer Roush along with many great local smiths as well. "Buzz" Busbee is the chairman this year and is really spreading the word and getting folks excited.

 I look forward to meeting some new friends and enjoying a first class Blacksmith Conference. Come on!


Best Regards

Johnny Woolsey





I just deleted 3 other posts advertizing this,  Three duplitates from the calander by 3 various people and others in two more places in the forum all by many different people.  Posting once is plenty.   We could conclude that is spamming by your group, please be aware.

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It was a super great conference! Thanks to all those who worked so hard making it great, to the demonstrators who taught us so much, the vendors and tailgaters for having so many of the things we all need. And for all the folks who attended and support blacksmithing!
Thank you!

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