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18th century ember tongs or pipe tongs


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These are a little pair of ember tongs or a 'smoker's companion', from the mid 17th to 18th century.  Unlike the large pipe tongs kept at the hearth, these are only 4.75" long and so are portable.  Some had a hardened upper arm that could be used as a fire steel, but I wanted to get the joint right first.  I made the male half a little short, but there is very little play in the hinge. 


The female half was started with a hacksaw, then opened up with a thin chisel and forged to shape with a thin shim.  The upper arm was shouldered at each side of the joint and the leaf was forged down then filed to clean up.  The spring is from a hacksaw blade.  The end of the lower arm is a pipe tamper.









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Thanks, gents.  I was pleased how they turned out, I was worried something was going to go wrong when drilling the joint for the rivet, but it came out just right.  My 4-year-old pushed the pedal on my drill press to drill the holes, he was very proud that he helped make them. 


Davor, I didn't realize how small the originals were either at first until I started looking deeper.  I saw one that was over an inch shorter than mine, very delicate and graceful.


Frosty, thanks, I'll do my best :)

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