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Could someone tell me about my new (to me) Trenton anvil

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Could someone tell me about an anvil that I just bought today?  It is a Trenton.  On the front foot it has stamped  left  250 and right 223545.  I assume the 250 is the weight because I weighted it and it was 249 pounds.  It also has 43  in raised numbers near the rear foot.  Thanks in advance.

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Hey now. I have two Trenton 250 pounders, slightly unidentical twins in terms of face/horn length ratio. I used one of them for over 35 years with excellent results. It is still being used as a student anvil. I now have a 250# Fontanini for my personal anvil.  Both the Trenton and Fontanini are good. If you want to sell me your Trenton, I'll have "triplets."


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