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attaching 954 Bronze to high carbon steel


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I have some 954 bronze scrap from the office I would like to use for bolsters on a knife.  other than glue, how would you attach the bolsters. smallest 954 round stock I have found is 1/2" which is way too bid.   da book say you can't use oxy-acethlyne or gas and braze.  dont have TIG available.  

thanks in advance.

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thanks, question answered a bit.  use a tight fit and JB Weld.  MIG would not bother blade, bolsters are for a large cleaver that would be heated to temper point(350F) before starting.  area to be welded is over 2" above start of bevel.  Hardest part is finding the right wire in quantities less than 25lbs.  blade is made of 5/32" sheffield O1.

class was interesting, but, the only place I use ATF is my truck transmission.  Canola oil is a much safer alternative to Parks AAA or other commercial quenchants.


a tired old sailor with ADD

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