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Keen Kutter post vise

Black Frog

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This was at an auction, friend sent me the pics of it.

I've heard the name before, but never knew they had post vises as well.


According to the web:


Keen Kutter is a trade name first used by Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri in 1866.

The name was adopted as a trademark by Simmons Hardware Company in 1870 and was used on their highest quality tools and cutlery.



This was the first I've seen, a 6" post vise in great shape.




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Are we ever sure?  ;)

....I'm sure lots of mounting hardware, springs, screw boxes got switched around often on post vises.

But either way, I've never seen a Keen Kutter post vise before.

Whether the acutal vise is matched to the mount plate or not, it still lets me know that they did indeed have them available at one time, which is a new fact to me.  :)

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I've made items from other items that had names on them.  I'd like to see that mounting plate close up before I ascribe it to a postvise mounting plate.  (I've been know to remove "pretty" old name plates from things at the scrapyard for re-use.  Right now I have a set of cast iron filigree mug warmers off an old wood burning cookstove sitting onto my woodstove waiting to get installed in our kitchen.)

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Lots of hardware companies contracted to have their name and/or logo put on smithing equipment made by the big names, and then sold under the hdwr company name.

I've heard this name before, but not seen any actual physical items. Direwolf, would love to see some pics of that anvil and logo!

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Hey Black Frog, I could not get a decent photo, the logo was stamped in cold so it is faint, also one half is easy to see the other almost nonexistant as if the stamp was not struck square. Sorry, perhaps if I get some help to lay it on its side (it is on a stand) and try flour it may show. Between installing the diesel injection pump on one of my tractors and some other chores I did wire brush it a bit the logo says from the top, Simmons Hwd co Keen Kutter Blackjack, fully warrenteed, EC Simmons CO also the Keen and Kutter has a fancy crown shape around it. As noted they were a big business and had their logo put on many items I have some other tools with the logo used to have a padlock but sold it. The Keen Kutter logo does indeed increase the collector value just like Winchester marked items. If you ever come up this far north get in touch you can see it in person along with lots of other stuff!

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