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Shrunk my hammers in the wash!

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So, today I stopped by the house of one of the people we buy eggs from (we run a small hatchery), and the owner asked if I wanted some scrap.




There's more garden variety stuff not shown, tools, lawnmower blades, etc, but I love these three wee little hammers. The ballpein is about a half inch wide by 2 and a quarter inches long. I didn't tell him I don't have the heart to repurpose these little guys and a couple of the wrenches.


The long pointy spanner appears to be handforged, and a couple of the others were definitely modified by his father (the man I got them from is about 70). Not sure what it's for exactly. The wrench end is just that, but the other, dunno.  He mentioned his father using it on bridges and that it was possibly 90 plus years old.

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My guess at a couple of the other wrenches would be the one all the way to the left looks allot like a spark plug wrench. And the one on the right with the hard bend in it seems repurposed for a similar idea, to get to a hard to reach nut or bolt, allowing for a second wrench to be applied.

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I thought the ballpein would be useful for cold rivetting small stock. Looked up the toolmark, it's a Westcraft, apparantly a brand made by Western Auto between late 30s and early 50s. Another time travelling tool. :) (one direction, and veeeeery slowly)


Crosspein has a 200 on it, and an I like a roman numeral inside a hexagon. Dunno. 200 maybe 200 grams, so made overseas cheapy?

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