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Harley Chain knife

TJ Smith

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Finished my prototype Harley Chain Knife.
It's a san-mai type construction.
Has a 15n20 core ,chain on both sides, filled with 1084 powder.
Then put in a square tube and sealed.
I used a 20 ton air/hyd jack to press the canister into a flat bar. I then ground it into a knife shape .
Here is the result.


Take Care
TJ Smith
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To all above...old school timing chains and Harley primary chains have no O rings either. Just a thought for the scrounging smith's out there that love to see stuff rcycled to such a beautiful result. Once again thanks for sharing and great job!

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Thanks for all the good replies. I appreciate them.

It was a drive chain. Pre 1970 I think . No o rings. I wouldn't try a chain with o rings.

I thank Ariel  Salaverria and bruce Bump for a lot of ideas.



'sides o ring chains are kinda pricey and don't seem to wear out...

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